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开拓者系列电子烟 车神一代

Basic Parameter

Size:  110-12.8mm

Battery type:   Li-polymer battery

Battery capacity:  900mAh

Charge time:  2.5-3Hours

Tank Capacity:   1.6ml

Operating Voltage:  DC3.3-4.2V

Output Voltage/Current: 5V/500mAh

Resistance:   2.2-2.5Ω

Usage Tips

1、Don't suck too hard, in case of fog hardly.

2、Suck for a while to make the juice fogs completely.
3、Keep the Cigarette holder upwards, or the juice will probablly leak.

4、If the juice leaks in the mouth, please take down the holder, and clean it for continued.

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开拓者系列电子烟 车神一代

开拓者系列电子烟 车神一代

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